Srinagar, June 10 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Faizan Parvez, 17, who lost vision in his left eye due to pellets fired by Indian forces last year, has said that he fears the loss of vision in his left eye will blow his dream of pursuing higher education.

Faizan Parvez in a media interview in Srinagar said that he passed his class 10 exams last winter after the pellet injury but could have performed much better had his eyes not pained so much.

He said doctors have advised him against running or playing. “What am I supposed to do, if I don’t play?” he asked.

He said that he would play every game and lead his school team in cricket and football but now he barely moves out of his home and hasn’t picked up his cricket bat and football for months.

Shaheena Akhtar, his mother, devastated by her son’s disability, is also worried about the teenager’s bouts of anger. “He looks at his bat and football every day. Then he kicks around in anger and returns to the room,” she said with moist eyes.

Faizan’s father Parvez Ahmed Dar was a mason till a few years ago but his deteriorating health forced him to give up the profession. He now sells tuji (barbecue kabobs) on a cart.

“It is difficult to manage a family with this income. I am trying hard so that Faizan’s treatment doesn’t suffer,” he said.

Shaheena said that she sold off her jewellery for Faizan’s surgery at a hospital in Amritsar. “He is my ornament. What do I need ornaments for,” she said, amid sobs.

“But in Amritsar they told us not to come back again. Doctors told us that his Gash Rag (optic nerve) has snapped,” she added.

So far, Faizan has undergone three surgeries in the injured eye.

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