Geneva, June 14 (KMS): Kashmiri leaders have said that India is committing war crimes in occupied Kashmir and demanded a probe by International Criminal Court against the Indian crimes against humanity in the territory.

Syed Faiz Naqshbanid, Shameem Shawl and Pervez Ahmad Shah while speaking at a seminar, held on the sidelines of 35th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, cited the recent incident of tying a Kashmiri youth, Farooq Ahmad Dar, to an army jeep by Indian Major Gogoi Leetul as human shield in occupied Kashmir as a proof for initiation of a case against India’s civil and military leadership in International Criminal Court. The interactive dialogue on Use of Human Shield in Conflicts was organized by Association for Protection of Women and Children Rights.

The leaders said that Indian army and police used civilians as human shield during raids and crackdowns in the territory. They deplored that instead of taking culprit Major Gogoi to task, he was awarded with medal by Indian top leadership. Syed Faiz Naqshbandi and others said that discovery of more than 6,000 graves in the occupied territory also testified the fact India was perpetrating war crimes in Kashmir.

The leaders said that a case against Narendra Modi should be initiated in the International Criminal Court the way it was initiated against the butcher of Bosnian Muslims, Radovan Karadžić, Serb former politician and convicted war criminal. They said that a UNHRC team should be sent to the occupied territory to collect facts about war crimes committed by the Indian army. Others who addressed the seminar included Wahabdeen, Secretary General of Human Rights (France) and Professor Dr Mehmet Sukru Guzel, representative of CAPAJ (Switzerland).

Meanwhile, in another event held on the sidelines of the UNHRC session in Geneva observed that the atmosphere prevailing in the conflict-torn Indian occupied had affected all the spheres of human activity. Speakers on the occasion said that the backbone of Kashmir economy which was tourism, fruit industry and cottage industry had been invariably affected.

The seminar was organized by Ihraam on Freedom of Expression and the panel comprised Professor Alfred dZyas, Anvil Alosaidi, Leon Kaulahao, Professor Nazir Ahmad Shawl and Barrister Abdul Majeed Tramboo.

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