Srinagar, June 23 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik has said that Kashmir has been turned into a killing field where Indian forces are killing innocent people of Kashmir.

Mohammad Yasin Malik addressing a mammoth gathering at Chrar-e-Shareef today said tyrants and their stooges should remember that according to the law of retribution they are bound to taste the fruits of their crimes against humanity. Peace and stability are subservient to the resolution of disputes and issue as peace cannot be established in vacuum, he added.

Yasin Malik had to go underground form yesterday evening as police was in pursuit to arrest him and bar him from reaching Chrar-e-Shareef. Police already have arrested JKLF Vice Chairman Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi and shifted him to Parimpora police station.

To ensure today’s public gathering, Yasin Malik reached Chrar-e-Shareef during night hours and observed Shab-e-Qader at the famous shrine. After Friday prayers, JKLF chairman addressed thousands of people who gathered to hear him outside the shrine.

In his address, he said that he had to go in hiding to reach here because so-called rulers had almost imposed a martial law in Kashmir where no political and even religious activity is being allowed. He said today is Jumat ul Wida and Muslims are duty-bound to reach Jamia Masjid and other bigger places of worship and participate in Friday prayers but PDP-led regime implementing RSS agenda had chosen to ban even Friday congregations and has imposed curfew in most parts of Kashmir including Jamia masjid in Srinagar.

He said that youth in peaceful movement were subjected to torture, arrested, humiliated with their families and pushed to the wall in such a manner that they had no choice but to opt to armed mode of resistance and now same young boys were being targeted and killed with impunity. He said that during 2016 uprising against illegal occupation, more than 150 young ones were killed, more than ten thousands were blinded and thousands maimed and imprisoned. He said the genocide is still continuing as Indian might has not succeeded in breaking the will of common Kashmiris who have decided to resist every ugly oppression of India and its stooges with valor and passion.

He said that to break the will of people, Indian occupation had enhanced its programme of terrorizing common masses and we are witnessing terrorists in uniform attacking villages, beating men, women, children and elderly, breaking their houses and households and putting their vehicles on fire.

Stressing upon the need for an early release of all Kashmiri prisoners from jails, Yasin Malik said that civilized countries and nations don’t cage their opponents and suppress their voices and if India and its Kashmiri stooges claim to be democrats, they should open the doors of jails and let free those who have been languishing in jails from many years. He said that on Eid days previously it was a common practice to release prisoners but today PDP rulers under the influence of RSS Hindu fanaticism instead of releasing inmates are actually trying to arrest and house arrest more people and fill jails and police stations which is highly condemnable, said JKLF chairman .

Welcoming the recent statement by UNO Secretary General in which he had emphasized on the need of resolving Kashmiri issue on priority, JKLF Chairman said that United Nations was a forum that despite its lacks and shortcomings still stands as a symbol of international peace and a forum for resolution of disputes. Its role visa vise the dispute of Jammu Kashmir is an established fact and cutting down or denying this role will bring only disaster to the region.

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