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New Delhi, Jun 29 (KMS): Narendra Modi-Donald Trump meet has turned into a controversy with the Indian main opposition party Congress accusing BJP government of practising pseudo-nationalism for not protesting against the use of the phrase “Indian Administered Kashmir” in the US State Department’s statement.

Congress believes that the description of part of Jammu and Kashmir occupied by India as ‘Indian Administered Kashmir’ is negation of India’s integral mantra.

Commenting on the US State Department’s statement, Congress Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted, “Shocking that U.S Govt order on Syed Salahuddin refers to ‘Indian Administered J&K’. No protest from Modi Sarkar. Complicit sell-out?”

“Modi ji & BJP drumbeat and preach ‘Pseudo Nationalism’ everyday. India asks-why have you accepted US phrase of “Indian Administrated J&K’” he added.

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