Abidjan,, July 13 (KMS): Kashmiri representative, Syed Faiz Naqshbandi, met the Secretary General of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Dr Yousef Bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen during the 44th Session of OIC Council of Foreign Minister’s Conference at Abidjan Republic of Ivory Coast.

Syed Faiz Naqshbandi apprised him of the grim situation of human rights in occupied Kashmir. “Indian occupied forces have completely snatched the freedom of expression and free assembly in occupied Kashmir. On one hand, Hurriyet leaders are detained and Internet service is blocked, and on the other, indiscriminate use of pellets and bullets by Indian forces have injured thousands of Kashmiri people and thousands have lost eyesight permanently and partially” he said.

He informed the OIC General Secretary that even Indian occupied forces had used chemical weapons now in Kashmir and Kashmiris were being used as a human shield. India is engaged in genocide of the Muslim population in Kashmir and in the hour of need Kashmiris were looking forward to OIC countries for help, he added.

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