Srinagar, September 15 (KMS): Head of Amnesty International India-chapter, Aakar Patel, has said that the deliberate denial of justice happens only in occupied Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Aakar Patel, who is in Srinagar in an interview with leading Indian English daily, Hindustan Times, said the denial of justice happens across India and not just in Kashmir, but deliberate denial of justice happens only in Jammu and Kashmir.

On current situation in Kashmir, Aakar Patel said, “There are things which create a feeling of a lack of justice among people…. For instance, AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Acts) has a mechanism – it’s called Section 7, wherein, if there is evidence against somebody from the armed forces of committing a crime, immunity can be lifted and that individual can be prosecuted in a civilian court.”

He said, the process to be followed is that an FIR is to be registered, the police investigate the crime, a charge-sheet is filed, and the charge-sheet is sent to the Union government. He said that their research had found that since 1989, the Indian government had not replied to the puppet administration of occupied Kashmir even once in any of the cases it had sent. He said, Kashmir police continue to send these charge-sheets, and the Indian government does not respond. This is violation of constitutional law, Aakar Patel added.

“Three things are happening here. First, the government of JK and the police of JK are undermined. Secondly, survivors and victims of these crimes do not know when they will get justice, and thirdly, it reinforces perception that people from these parts are being treated as a second class citizen, who cannot have any expectation of delivery of justice,” he said.

Aakar Patel said, when you reward an army-man for kidnapping a citizen and violating his rights, putting him under threat, it is the worst kind of message you can send to people of Jammu and Kashmir. We are either ignorant or we are doing that deliberately to send a message – and both of those are very, very wrong, he added.

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