Srinagar, October 17 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yasin Malik, has expressed serious concern over the unabated incidents of braid-chopping in the territory.

Muhammad Yasin Malik addressing a big public gathering at Charar-e-Sharif said that from about two months Kashmiri mothers, sisters and daughters were facing attacks on their chastity in the form of braid-cutting. “We as a society are living in a continued fear and apprehension but rulers and their police are clueless. Somebody is calling this mass hysteria and someone else calling it a mere hoax but no one is coming with any clear proof. Hundreds of our sisters have been left shaken by some unknown assailants and Indian police and forces who take no time to identify even masked stone-pelters, who take no time in finding the hidden faces behind every happenings and act faster than light while crushing the peaceful political activities claim to have no knowledge of any attacker. This ignorance has actually turned this entire affair as doubtful and situation alarming,” he said.

The JKLF Chairman said that while dealing this menace, Kashmiris would have to be very vigilant, cautious and deal it with magnanimity. “We cannot become unruly and rude and push our whole society towards anarchy in the name of braid chopping,” he said, adding, attacks on our womenfolk are meant to terrorize us and as a living nation we will have to deal with this menace with magnanimity.

Yasin Malik expressing concern over the plight of thousands of illegally detained Kashmiris said that especially from last two years, Kashmir had been turned into a big jail where every little space for peaceful political activities had been choked. “Today more than ten thousand young and old, men and women and even juvenile are languishing in jails and police stations and no one is paying any heed to their plight. People languishing in jails and police stations are our heroes and we stand by them,” he added.

The JKLF Chairman also paid glowing tributes to renowned saint, Sheikh-ul-Aalam Noor-ud-Din Noorani, on his annual Urs. He said that Sheikh-ul-Aalam showed the Kashmiris the path of Tawheed and Godliness.

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