Srinagar, November 26 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, 16-year-old Zahid Manzoor, admitted to a Srinagar hospital, is worried about the severity of the injuries caused by pellets in his body.

A class 11 student from Zoonimar area of Srinagar, is the latest victim of pellet shot gun used by Indian forces in Kashmir.

Doctors treating him in the hospital told his family members that his kidney was shattered; his right renal vein was also ruptured. “The pellets have also perforated his lungs, liver and intestines, they added.

Brought to the hospital on Friday afternoon, Manzoor’s gall bladder was removed. “It is just the gall bladder that has got injured. The doctors have said that there is nothing to worry about,” his brother Yasir tried to assure him.

The assurance hardly soothes Zahid, who appears to have sensed the gravity of his injuries. Doctors at the hospital said that Manzoor’s right kidney had “grade-V injury”, the gravest for the organ.

“We are keeping him under observation. Pellets have caused damage to the organs in his abdomen,” a senior doctor said.

Writhing in pain, Zahid told media that he was heading home after finishing his class 11 examinations. “At Nawakalchowk, I saw a group of men in uniform approaching. I stopped and stepped aside and let them pass by,” Manzoor recollected, his face swollen and his nose bleeding.

“When they were passing by and I started to walk I suddenly felt a sharp shooting pain on the side of my abdomen. My legs gave away,” he said.
He added that he remembered one or two of the forces’ men shouting at him to get up and leave. “But I couldn’t move…I do not remember what happened afterwards,” he said.

The doctors said that Zahid has a round entry wound, 5 x 5 cm, on the right side of the abdomen, “suggesting that he had been fired upon from a close range”.

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