Washington, May 01 (KMS): Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General, World Kashmir Awareness Forum has said that the murder of 8 years old Asifa, an angel from Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir, has shaken the conscience of the leaders not only in South Asia but also all over the world.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai addressing a huge rally in front of the White House in Washington said that Asifa was abducted, drugged, gang raped and finally murdered simply because she was a Muslim in the so-called largest democracy of India. “Rape is a crime against humanity. The killers of Asifa used the rape as a weapon of terror and fear to force not only Asifa but her whole community out of the city of Kahua,” he added.

The participants were waving placards and chanting slogans like: “Justice for Asifa”; “No Justice No Peace” “Kathua Rape: Stain on Indian Democracy” “Wake Up Wake Up: UN Wake Up.”

Fai thanked Antonia Guterres, UN secretary general who said, “The gang rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl J&K is a horrific incident and demanded that those who are guilty of this crime need to be brought to justice.” He demanded that the investigation into the case has to be impartial, and has to be done by a neutral agency like the United Nations.

Professor Imtiaz Khan, president, Kashmiri American Council said that Kathua case is not an isolated one. Dr. Khan cited the example of Kanun Poshpora where more than 100 women between the ages of 7 to 70 were gang raped in 1991. It was reported in the New York Times, Amnesty International and other NGO’s. Yet no investigation has taken place until today. Dr. Khan expressed great concern at the miserable and gloomy humanitarian condition in Kashmir.

Sardar Sawar Khan said that the murder of Asifa should be an eye opener for the world powers. Dr. Zafar Noori said the issue of Kashmir is simply the issue of the right of self-determination which was agreed upon by both India and Pakistan and endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.

Dr. Zulfiqar Kazmi said that the denial of right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir has brought the two neighboring countries to the brink of nuclear disaster. Dr. M. A. Dhar said Kashmiris want a peaceful settlement but if the youth are pushed to the wall without any ray of hope, they will become disillusioned which might lead to frustration and destruction. Sardar Aftab Roshan Khan accused India for not allowing the Kashmiri leadership for any political activity.

Shamshad Begum, Hamid Malik, Khalid Faheem, Sardar Zahid Khan, Dr. A.R. Meer. Sardar Zubair Khan, Hisham Khan and Sardar Zarif Khan condemned the continuous house arrest of the Hurriyet leadership.

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