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New Delhi, June 06 (KMS): Dineshwar Sharma, India’s interlocutor for occupied Kashmir while acknowledging a lot of distrust among people of Kashmir against India has said that there are historical facts about Kashmir dispute and nobody can deny that.

In a recent interview with an Indian newspaper, Dineshwar Sharma said, “When I talk to the younger generation there (in Kashmir), often they confront me with so many questions and even talk about Azaadi…”

By going through the interview, one finds Dineshwar Sharma not bold enough to share his findings on Kashmir with all honesty, because instead of straightaway asking for addressing the Kashmir dispute in its historical perspective and as per sentiments of the Kashmiri people, he advises the Indian government to do something to allay the mistrust among the Kashmiri people to meet the challenge of freedom sentiments.

He said, “Unless we are able to address that mistrust… this idea of Azaadi will continue. We should make them feel that they are our own children and we are concerned about them.”

“The biggest challenge in Kashmir today is to calm down the sentiments of the people, particularly youth,” he said.

“I have been meeting people… they start reminding me about various historical facts. I tell them we will discuss more on this, historical facts have to be discussed. There have been mistakes on all sides. But we cannot just keep discussing history. We have to think what the way forward is,” he added.

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