New Delhi, July 17 (KMS): As phenomenon of rising incidents of suicide among Indian troops is no less than a nightmare for Indian armed forces, a revelation by a senior doctor about 200 troops becoming disabled every year has dropped another bombshell on the military top brass.

Lt. General Bipin Puri, Director General of the Armed Forces Medical Service, in a media interview said, “Many a time there are cases of crippling of intestine and lungs due to injury to abdomen and chest.”

Lt Gen Puri said, “Every year 200 armed forces personnel suffer from serious disability. It is a huge number. Battle injuries are of course the reason, but more of our injuries are because of accidents in hilly terrains, snow avalanche,” Puri said, citing the data available with him for the past 10 years.

He said the journey from being a disabled soldier to an abled person is challenging and the army has taken steps to mitigate the problems faced by its troops in this regard. “There are physical, emotional, psychological and social issues involved in this,” he said.

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