Srinagar, July 17 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, a PhD scholar, Mannan Wani has come out for the first time to write about illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir by India and how it is manufacturing narratives and circulating new discourses to justify its military presence and oppressive measures to contain freedom sentiments in the territory.

The 26-year-old research student of Applied Geology at Aligarh Muslim University who had gone missing in January only to appear on social media quotes National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbook to describe a terrorist as “one who targets civilians indiscriminately to get their demands fulfilled”. NCERT is an autonomous organisation of the Government of India.

A PhD scholar-turned-mujahid, Mannan Wani has come out for the first time to write about why he chose to join militancy in occupied Kashmir.

In a letter mailed to media outlets on Monday, Manan Wani said, “Our mission is to liberate our land from foreign illegal occupation and thus to create an environment of peace and justice wherein every thought and ideology would be discussed and debated and people will be given their right to chose whatever they like.”

He quotes Malcolm X, the assassinated American human rights activist, and responds to an Indian bureaucrat and a politician, without naming them, for their justifications to propagate India’s cause.

“We are soldiers. We don’t fight to die but to win, we don’t feel dignity in death, but we do feel dignity in fighting (Indian) occupation, its military might, its oppression, its tyranny, its collaborators and most of all its ego and if/when we die while fighting all this, we do feel dignity in that death,” Wani writes in the letter.

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  1. 1. samir sardana Says:

    Why do I sense a regret by Muslims over the mythical “Leon Uris type Exodus” of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir – as if it were the bane of the Kashnmir freedom struggle ?

    Is this the limpet body to be carried on the cross of Islam ? Why did the Lord of the Kashmiri Pandits not save them ? The “purported Holocaust” of the Jews,and their gypsy meanderings – are a consequence of the Curse on Solomon,by Allah.

    On principles of ontological extraction – the Kashmiri Pandits got what they deserved – and that is evidenced by the musings and ruminations of Nanak – who,in turn,was a Quasi Muslim – under the tutelage of Mardana.

    Pakistanis adulate Nanak,as he was a Pakistani Product – made and refined in Pakistan – and a symbol of evolutions in Pakistani theological cogitation

    Let us examine what Nanak’s sentience says about these Kashmiri Pandits

    You may stand and recite the Shaastras and the Vedas, O Siblings of Destiny, but these are just worldly actions. “Filth cannot be washed away by hypocrisy”, O Siblings of Destiny; the filth of corruption and sin, “is within you”. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 635)
    O Pandit, O religious scholar, “your filth shall not be erased”, even if you read the Vedas for four ages. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 647)
    The Pandits, the religious scholars, and the silent sages, reading and studying the Vedas, have grown weary. The Messenger of Death “hovers over their heads”; they are ruined by the deceit within themselves. ||7|| (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 1277)

  2. 2. samir sardana Says:

    I heard some Pakistanis talk in Plato’s Universals espoused by Lady Hypatia.They say Allah created all sentience and non-sentience –including the Hindoo Vermin.They say – what right do the Pakistanis have to wipe out the sentience of 500 million,so called Hindoo vermin ?

    This is the “RAW” induced intelect of the Good Pakistanis ! The Magic of the photo on Lincoln on a 100 USD Bill !

    Is it fair to surmise that Nanak was an Islamic seer – and the most invaluable export of Pakistan to the Hindoos ? If he had even for a second been truly inspired by Islam – would it be fair to state that he captured the essence of Hindoosim and Hindoos ?

    I present the proof of Nanak – who surmised beyond doubt that Hindooism is the faith of Satan – and hence,by Islamic teleological deduction – has to be wiped out,per se.You could say that we are the intersection of History,Sikh Theology and Islamic Teleology.–the-Chaiwa…

    Sikh (Quasi Islam) Theology and Scripture consider Hindoo Faith to be a demonic faith,as the Granth regards the Hindoo Trinity as Demonic


    || 3 || Shiva cut off Brahma’s head,and Gautam’s wife and the Lord Indra mated; Brahma?s head got stuck to Shiva?s hand, and Indra came to bear the “marks of a thousand female organs”. || 4 || “These demons” have fooled, bound and destroyed me.


    || 2 ||Shiva,Brahma, angels and demons, all “burn in the fire of death”.

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