Brussels, August 11 (KMS): The Kashmir Council European Union (KCEU) will hold a protest demonstration in front of Indian Embassy in Brussels on 15th August to mark India’s Independence Day as Black Day.

The KCEU in a statement issued in Brussels said that the demonstration would start at 9:00am and conclude at 10:00am. It said that a protest memorandum would also be handed over to the Indian embassy on the occasion.

The KCEU Chairman, Ali Raza Syed, in a statement said that people from all walks of life including representatives of different organizations in Belgium and other EU countries were expected to attend the demonstration. “We would gather to protest against human rights violations committed by New Delhi in occupied Kashmir,” he added.

Showing serious concerns on the current situation in Kashmir, the KCEU Chairman said people especially youth are being killed extra-judicially during operations in the occupied territory but masses are even deprived of peaceful demonstrations against the brutalities. Even journalists are not safe and a fresh example of this kind of terror is assassination of prominent media person, Shujaat Bukhari, he said.

Ali Raza Syed demanded repeal of draconian laws including Public Safety Act (PSA) in Kashmir. He called for immediate international attention on the existing situation in the occupied territory. He also urged the UN to fulfill its responsibility on the issue of Kashmir by taking serious action against the Indian atrocities.

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