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Bengaluru, September 30 (KMS): The trend of policemen decamping with service weapons and joining armed struggle has become a major concern for the Indian political and military establishment as it is indicative of a strong pro-freedom sentiment among a section of local police, reported an English daily newspaper published from the Indian state of Karnataka.

The newspaper, Deccan Herald while commenting on media reports about a special police officer (SPO) decamping with eight service weapons from a police post guarding the residence of a legislator in uptown Jawahar Nagar area of Srinagar said, “This is not an isolated incident as over 10 such incidents have been reported.”

“However, the latest incident is a first of its kind where a policeman has deserted the force with such a large number of weapons. A policeman, SPO Adil Bashir, running away with seven AK-47 rifles and a pistol reveals a degree of penetration by the militants in the police force,” the report said.

The newspaper quoting a senior police officer said, “This is a really worrying trend and we are looking into it. Though some measures had been taken in the past to stop this trend, Friday’s incident is a wakeup call for the police force to take preventive and corrective measures to stop this in future.”

“It is not possible for a single SPO to execute such a meticulous plan and run away with a huge quantity of weapons without being noticed,” the police officer added.

Asked what prompts policemen to leave lucrative jobs and join freedom ranks, where death is evident, the officer explained: “Social media has made militancy a living reality for everyone…..”

The newspaper claimed that the cooperation between police and mujahideen dated back to the early 1990s, but the trend of cops deserting with weapons to join freedom struggle emerged only after 2015.

In April 1993, a few thousand police personnel had rebelled out of anger at the death of a colleague, Riyaz Ahmed, in army custody. The army and the paramilitary forces with the help of armoured cars in a pre-dawn swoop on Police Control Room (PCR) in Srinagar had to disarm more than 1500 policemen.

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