Aligarh, India (KMS): The students of occupied Kashmir, studying at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), have threatened to surrender their degrees in case the suspension of three Kashmiri students was not revoked.

The Kashmiri students in a letter to the AMU proctor, said after killing of Dr Mannan Wani, who was formerly a student at AMU and reports of closure of colleges and universities in Kashmir, the Kashmiri students studying at the University discussed the emerging situation in the valley and were peacefully holding deliberations.

The students said some non-Kashmiri people armed with sticks attacked the Kashmiri students and caused a massive disturbance, and noisy scenes. They said the Kashmiri students dispersed immediately and no protest or law and order violation took place.

The students said later, a vilification campaign against the students from Kashmir was started by media claiming that Kashmiri students violated the law and disturbed the peace in the campus. They said nothing of that sort had happened and the same was later confirmed by PRO AMU to the media.

The AMU Thursday suspended three Kashmiri students, who tried to offer funeral prayers in absentia for Dr Mannan Wani, who was killed along with his associate in Handwara in north Kashmir on Thursday.

“We, the entire fraternity of Kashmiri students at AMU strongly condemn the vilification campaign against the students and the University. We take strong objection to fabricating cases against Kashmiri students and attempts to jeopardize our career,” the students wrote in the letter to AMU protector.

The J&K students demanded an immediate revocation of suspension orders/show cause notices to Kashmiri students and called for withdrawal of sedition charges and relevant legal sections against AMU scholars.

The students said they cannot stay at the campus with the burden of these politically motivated and fabricated charges.

“In case, the suspension/show cause notices are not revoked immediately and sedition charges not withdrawn, the students from Kashmir at AMU will be forced to leave the campus en-masse on Sir Syed Day on October 17,” they said.

“We, the 1200 students will surrender our degrees and leave for our homes for reasons of safety and security. All the responsibility in that case will fall on the University, and local administration. We are feeling threatened and challenged and our career development is under stake, under such fearful circumstances,” the letter added.

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