Jammu, November 05 (KMS): Former India-appointed interlocutor on Kashmir, Radha Kumar, has come out with a new book on Kashmir, titled Paradise at war – a political history of Kashmir’.

Radha Kumar has, among other things, written that she has never seen such a government in her life [in New Delhi] which is so impervious to the concerns of Kashmiris”.

“It feels that you deliberately want to drive this place away or you are callous to the point that you don’t care…We won’t find any Kashmiri willing to make peace in the next five years ….” she said.

In her book she suggested: “New Delhi should engage with Kashmiri people and concede what they demand. Who in the world does not know that there is hardly any leader in Kashmir who endorses the Indian Constitution? All in the world know that the Kashmiri leaders, barring those representing the 7 lakh internally-displaced Kashmiri Hindus, vouch for demands ranging from merger with Pakistan to independence …..”

While arguing that India can do a great deal to reduce violence and encourage reconciliation, she concludes that if Kashmir is ever to move towards lasting peace and stability, the major stakeholders as well as regional and international actors will need to work together …

It needs to be noted that in 2010 as interlocutor Radha Kumar had vouched for Azadi – a demand rejected outright by the Vajpayee government.

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