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Jammu, November 13 (KMS): Hindu extremist forces are conspiring to drive the Muslim minority out of Jammu region by describing them as a ‘threat’ to Hindu dominated in the region.

Prominent Hindu extremist leaders including Madhu Kishwar and Sushil Pandit at a gathering in Jammu unanimously waged the propaganda that the growth of Muslim colonies in and around Jammu was a concerted effort to change the demography of the region.

The gathering in the name of ‘Shankhnaad’ seminar was organized by IKKJUTH Jammu, a Hindu extremist organization. Most of the speakers including Madhu Purnima Kishwar, Sushil Pandit, Pawan and Gupta alleged that there was an “Islamic invasion” in Jammu and that Muslim colonies around Jammu were “threat to Dogras”.

The speakers called for emergency steps to ‘cope with’ the situation in Jammu. Academician, Professor Madhu Purnima Kishvar, while speaking to a local media outlet on the sidelines of the gathering demanded political reorganization of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, with the creation of a homeland for Hindus in the Valley.

Hindu activist, Sushil Pandit, during his speech, cautioned the people of Jammu to remain vigilant “against this demographic assault.” Historian, Prof. Hari Om, while delivering the keynote address made also claimed that a “strong demographic assault has now been unleashed upon Jammu”.

Pawan Gupta, in his speech, said that Jammu needs to come together to fight the “ongoing demographic assault”. He claimed that laws like Article 35A and 370 should be abrogated.

Those who keep watch on the machinations of Hindu extremist forces, especially those active in Jammu region, consider the assertions made by the speakers in the IKKJUTH programme as a part of a big conspiracy to drive the Muslims of Jammu from the region. As a first step, these Hindu extremist forces have started maligning the Muslims as a potential threat to their dominance in the region.

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