Srinagar, February 16 (KMS): In order to hide its failures and malign Pakistan, India continues with its tradition by accusing Pakistan for its involvement in Thursday’s incident at Lethpora in Pulwama area of occupied Kashmir without concrete evidence.

The Kashmir experts and observers of the regional situation, however, are of the view that the incident raises many questions and seems to be another conspiracy by the Indian government and its military establishment to defame Pakistan and divert the attention of the world community from the brutalities being committed by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir.

The observers say that it has been a long practice of the Indian authorities to blame Pakistan for whatever happens inside India or in occupied Kashmir and same was the case when an explosive laden vehicle rammed into a convoy carrying the troops of Indian Central Reserve Police Force on a road in Awantipora area of Pulwama district in occupied Kashmir on Thursday. The same pattern was followed in the past incidents like the Indian Parliament attack, Samjhauta Express blasts, Pathankot attack or the Uri military base attack. In these incidents, India had immediately laid the blame on Pakistan and its intelligence agencies, but later it came to fore after investigations that these acts were handiwork of Indian Government, its agencies or the Indian Army-backed forces.

The observers say that actually it is India who in order to undermine Pakistan has established a spy network to carry out terror acts inside Pakistan and the arrest and confession of Kalbushan Jadhav is testimony to it. In order to run away from Pakistan’s offer for talks to improve the bilateral ties, India time and again spills out a volley of concocted statements against Pakistan by equating it with terrorism to isolate it in the world. Despite all this, Pakistan has been reiterating its resolve to stay unprovoked and give ample chance to all peace initiatives in the region.

The observers say that India under Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, keeps looking for excuses to malign Pakistan and hurl unwarranted threats at it every now and then. As the 2019 general elections in India are drawing nearer, Modi government has stepped up its anti-Pakistan campaign. RSS-groomed Modi and its henchmen do not know any other way to befool their voters except through Pakistan-bashing as well as hate-speeches against the Indian Muslims. It is understood that in order to hoodwink the Indian people and gain sympathy of voters the fanatic politicians in India like Modi resort to malicious practice of Pakistan-bashing every time there are elections in India.

Experts of the regional situation say that besides elections, India had failed in its nefarious designs to isolate Pakistan at the world level, instead Pakistan’s role in facilitating talks between the US and Afghan Taliban has given a serious blow to New Delhi’s hegemonic designs in the region. The successful execution of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the upcoming Pakistan visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad Salman – that is expected to bring huge investment in the country – have added to the frustration of the Indian rulers. Pakistan is also going to present its arguments in public hearings being held by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Jadhav case from Monday (February 18) to Thursday (February 21).

So, in order to speak ill of Pakistan, India found an opportune time in the guise of the Lethpora incident that may prove some day a handiwork of India itself.

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