Gilani condemns rampage, brutalities against Muslims in Jammu

Srinagar, February 18 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC), Syed Ali Gilani has strongly condemned the rampage and brutalities against Muslims in Jammu.

Syed Ali Gilani in a statement issued in Srinagar said, “Nobody on earth particularly Kashmiris rejoice and celebrate the human loss of any race, region or religion—as our oppressor distributes sweets when dozens of our youth are gunned down by their “brave soldiers”.

He said muscular and revengeful response to the Pulwama blast against Muslims of Jammu and Kashmiri employees of darbar move looks a well-planned conspiracy to tear away every fiber of communal harmony, social bonding and collective brotherhood.

He said horrifying scenes of ruthlessly beating to pulp of Kashmiri drivers, students, employees and others and burning their vehicles, stoning their residences under the nose of biased police with their encouragement and go ahead signal has once again proved the two-nation theory right and timely as majority class of India finds it hard to accept the minority particularly Muslims—as the independence from British rule was only for Hindus—Muslims continue to be subjugated, threatened and harassed on one or other pretext—negating the tall and much hyped slogans of secularism.

The APHC Chairman said in chaining Kashmiris, every Indian, particularly its political class echoes in one voice and all support and endorse the venomous statement of the Indian Prime Minister to give his armed forces free hand to deal in Kashmir whatever way they want. It is an open threat and a license to crush and kill every Kashmiri– & those men in uniform to be rewarded, he added. He said non-Kashmiris working here for their bread and butter, students or Darbar move employees enjoy the hospitality to the maximum and nobody ever has been harmed even the slightest.

Gilani said Indian army, massacring dozens of Kashmiri youth on daily bases but no person belonging to their region and religion feels unsafe here. He said the incident in Pulwama has put all the so-called secular and Hindutwa faces in the same basket but when 55 innocents were roasted live in Sopore or when dozens of youth are massacred daily, no eye in India gets moist, no all party meet is called. This dual attitude is bound to have repercussions.

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