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Srinagar, February 20 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Joint Resistance Leadership while unveiling the brutal Indian acts carried out by its forces in the territory has said that pushing people to the wall is main reason behind the Kashmiri youth opting for the armed path.

The leadership comprising Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a joint statement issued after a meeting in Srinagar said, “Mothers, fathers and even political leadership have no role in this regard; however, the ball lies in the court of Indian political and military leadership.”

The leaders said, “Aggressive policies of India and ban on political dissent are pushing Kashmiris to the wall and hence promoting worst kind of violence.”

The meeting discussed present political situation and all its aspects.

Deliberating upon the depressing political situation emerging after recent Pulwama blast and subsequent hostile statements from Indian prime minister and home minister, the JRL leaders said if it was possible to defeat a peoples movement by military oppression, police highhandedness, killings, massacres, and other tyrant means then no country including India would have tasted freedom and sovereignty.

Referring to a press conference by Indian army core-commander along with senior police officers in which he has asked mothers and fathers to stop their children or otherwise be ready to shoulder their dead bodies, the leaders said that persuading young boys to refrain from treading some path is not in the hands of fathers, mothers or even political leaders; however, this ball also lies in the court of Indian political and military leadership who have chosen to choke every little space on political dissent in Kashmir.

The JRL said in 2008 when Kashmiris at the behest of international community, big countries, diplomatic circles and even Indian civil society changed the outlook of their freedom struggle and started an exemplary peaceful resistance, Kashmiris were of the view that international community and Indian rulers would support this positive change but Indian rulers chose to suppress that peaceful peoples agitation by military and police might. “Hundreds of young and unarmed youth, children and women were killed; thousands maimed and jailed and people’s agitation was suppressed by military might.”

Same oppression was repeated in 2010, the JRL said and added that during these peaceful political movements, thousands of young boys also faced the wrath of Indians and were jailed, tortured, booked under PSA and in many cases their mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers were abused and humiliated in front of them.

This callous approach of Indian rulers actually pushed a whole generation to the wall and left no space for young ones but to join armed resistance, added JRL. The leaders said that from 2014, when BJP took over the reins in Delhi, it announced a hardcore policy against Kashmiris and immediately started anti-Kashmir actions under Operation All Out.

“This operation was not only launched against armed youth but even peaceful political movement also became a target of this as besides killings hundreds, maiming and blinding thousands by pellets and bullets, blasting and burning down of residential houses and properties, thousands got arrested under PSA and even many agencies and institutions were used to cage more political leaders and cage them at jails outside Jammu Kashmir.”

On the issue of removing so-called security of resistance leaders, the JRL said it was a non issue as it was India and its abettors who took the decision of deploying security without any request and also removed it on their own. JRL said the resistance camp is striving against the illegal Indian occupation peacefully and politically, and this move will not affect their struggle for freedom and self-determination in any manner.

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