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Islamabad, February 20 (KMS): The Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League Chairman, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has said that the RSS backed lynch mobs are being organised in Jammu and across India to thrash or lynch Kashmiris & the Muslims.

Following is the complete text of the statement on the latest situation of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-India tensions:

“It’s highly detrimental to regional peace and stability and condemnable that India being involved in & responsible for systematic ethnic cleansing, enforced disappearances, custodial killings, unmarked graves of numberless inhabitants, fake encounters, judicial murders, mutilation of the corpses, continuous crack-downs/search operations, raping and killing of innocent women, keeping thousands of people behind bars, sentencing people to life till death and enforcing draconian laws to curb the right to free speech, assembly, travel and other civil liberties of the Kashmiri Muslims in the occupied state, should in the aftermath of the Litherpore Pulwama attack on a CRPF convoy create war hysteria and unleash poisonous propaganda as a pretext to further escalate state terrorism in awesome fashion, provoke, instigate, encourage prosecution and persecution of the Jammu Muslims, burn hundreds of vehicles of Kashmiris in Jammu, terrorise and evict Kashmiri traders, students from their rented houses or homes and shops, and ignoring Samjhotah Express 2007 carnage, spread anger waves against the Muslims throughout India.

The RSS backed lynch mobs are being organised in Jammu and across India to thrash or lynch Kashmiris & the Muslims for reprisal. The Kashmir detainees or prisoners are being harassed and their life is under threat in different jails. Kashmiri students in different universities have confined for fear of being assaulted or lynched outside by the RSS goons. It’s equally harmful and condemnable to escalate tension with Pakistan to create war hysteria against regional and international peace and relevant world agreements by India. It’s in the best interests of India to protect life and property of all Kashmiris in the Indian cities and preserve and maintain communal harmony. In the interest of peace, India must restore all civil liberties to the Kashmiris to pave way for the right of self-determination which guarantees a durable peace in the region.

At this crucial juncture of Pakistan-Indian history, when the borders of the two countries have become so vulnerable, the regional and international players and the UNO should sit together with Pakistan and India to brain storm the best possible just and durable political solution to the bleeding Kashmir dispute of the Pakistan-India independence century. It’s the ideal way to save unknown future lives of humanity in this region, failing which it has potential to destabilise and destroy every pretty idea, and not to speak of trade and commerce under this sky. Indian establishment believing in death and destruction of kashmiri humanity should mark the message in blood-letters that the fear of death among the Kashmiris has gone for good and lost scope in Kashmir. ”

The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza speaking in a condolence meeting at Seer Hamdan area of Islamabad urged the resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with aspirations of the Kashmiris. He said ,no military solution of Kashmir issue is possible; however, the longstanding issue would have to be resolved through meaningful dialogue between Pakistan and India and the Kashmiris.

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