Srinagar, February 27 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, parents of the students who returned to the valley after a spate of attacks against the Kashmiris in different Indian states are reluctant to send back their children to the respective institutions.

The Kashmiris particularly students studying in various colleges in different Indian states were harassed and forced to leave the institutions they were enrolled in after the Pulwama incident.

The incidents triggered a snowball effect as thousands of students made their journeys back home after the unrelenting attacks.

A Srinagar resident, Hashim Andrabi, told media that his son had a narrow escape from Hindu fanatics in Dev Bhoomi College at Navgaon, Manduwala in Dehradun, where he was studying engineering. “I will not allow my son to go back to that place. I cannot take that risk,” he said.

Shaheena Pandit, whose daughter studied in Uttaranchal PG College, said, “My heart shudders thinking what could have happened with my daughter. She barely managed to escape from the angry mobs. Allah has brought her home safely but now we will not take the risk of sending her back.”

Mudasir Hassan, who runs a consultancy, ‘Millennium School of Trainings and Technology’ in Pulwama and Srinagar said, “Students are gripped in intense fear and mental stress and the behavior they have experienced inside India will surely dip the outflow. This will have a major impact on the coming session as many parents will not send their children to the colleges outside J&K.”

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