MAPIM urges India to heed Pakistan’s call for dialogue

Jakarta, February 28 (KMS): Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization (MAPIM) has asked for resolution of the Kashmir dispute saying that prevailing tension between Pakistan and India is because of the core Kashmir issue.

MAPIM President Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid in a statement said that there had been numerous incidents of terrorist attacks within Pakistan all these years, but Islamabad did not make any accusation against New Delhi.

Azmi Abdul Hamid said, “It must be admitted that the prevailing crisis in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir is the fundamental cause of ending tension between Pakistan and India. He stressed that the core issue of Kashmir needed to be resolved.

MAPIM President said had there been no continued campaign of hatred against Muslims in India and the Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir, the crisis would have not escalated to the present stage.

“With the deployment of thousands of Indian troops in Jammu and Kashmir, making it the most militarized area in the world, it is only obvious that civilian unrest will be a natural outcome and an eventuality of this scale of military targeted attack is bound to happen,” he added.

He urged India to heed the call of Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, for dialogue to resolve all issues.

“The ruling Indian party must not capitalize the tension as a rallying point for the upcoming election. Regional stability must take precedence,” he said.

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