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KCEU sends letters to EU parliament members, others

Brussels, March 01 (KMS): The Chairman of Kashmir Council Europe (KCEU), Ali Raza Syed has sent letters to a number of European Union’s higher authorities and members of EU Parliament asking them to play their role in normalizing severe situation in South Asia.

The letters were dispatched to President of the European Council, Donald Franciszek Tusk, President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Mrs Federica Mogherini, members of EU parliament, other EU officials and ambassadors of different influential countries based in Belgium.

“This dispute has been ongoing for the past over 70 years at a huge cost in terms of civilian lives lost and injuries sustained. Moreover, the dispute has created an environment in which the most shocking abuses of the human rights of the civilian population of occupied Kashmir have become accepted as normal,” the letters said.

In his letters, Ali Raza continued, “We are particularly concerned on two points. First, the window of opportunity during which intervention by the EU might be expected to yield positive results was already small and was diminishing rapidly. Second, the possible consequences of non-intervention include the use by one or both of the disputants of tactical nuclear weapons.”

The letters said, “The events of the past two weeks in Kashmir show vividly how justified our concern has been at the absence of a pro-active policy on the part of the international community towards Kashmir. The escalation of the conflict over this period demonstrates the potential of the dispute to destabilize the entire South Asian region. To date, the response of the international community to the deteriorating situation in Kashmir has been a disappointment. We believe that an important opportunity may have been missed and that urgent measures are required if the situation is not to escalate out of control.”

The KCEU Chairman, Ali Raza Syed, called upon the European Council to support a ceasefire between the disputing parties in Kashmir and to put in place such measures that will bring all parties to the negotiating table.

Meanwhile, Ali Raza Syed continued his meetings with the members of EU parliament and EU high ranking officials and briefed them on the situation in South Asia. He generally talked about South Asia and particularly about the latest situation in occupied Kashmir and the Line of Control. He said people of Kashmir are not safe and are being targeted by the Indian forces.

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