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Muslims are not terrorists, every Muslim is a Mujahid

Srinagar, April 14 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Deputy Mayor of Srinagar, Sheikh Mohammad Imran, has asked Kashmiri youth to prefix ‘Mujahid’ to their names, saying that every Muslim is a Mujahid.

Imran in a statement said the word ‘Mujahid’ means one who is engaged in jihad and a protector who strikes against evil and advocates truthfulness. “Every Muslim should be ‘mujahid’ and there is no harm in using this prefix. Jihad is a spiritual fight against the enemy. Our religion is being misinterpreted by some sections of (Indian) media,” he said.

The deputy mayor said the term Mujahid has been always used in a negative way by the [Indian] media. “I will use the prefix Mujahid at every place where my name will be used,” he said.

“We are not terrorists. Mujahid in no way related to any kind of terrorism,” Imran said adding that Kashmiris have been exploited by the successive regimes over the years.

“Some political parties have used prefix ‘Chowkidar’ and I am not against that. I can appeal my people to use the prefix Mujahid,” he said.

“I have changed my name on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms from Sheikh Mohammad Imran to Mujahid Sheikh Mohammad Imran. I appeal Kashmiris to follow the same,” Imran said.

He said every Kashmiri wants peace and resolution to Kashmir dispute but not at the cost of sacrifices of Kashmiri youth.

“It will be a loud and clear message to people fighting elections on the poison of communal hatred,” he said.

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