Brussels, April 26 (KMS): The Chairman of Kashmir Council Europe (KCEU), Ali Raza Syed has said that due to severe Indian atrocities, a large number of people of occupied Kashmir have migrated to Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Pakistan since 1947.

Ali Raza Syed was speaking during a seminar “Global Compact for Migration Controversy and Media” organized by World Solidarity Forum at the European Press Club in Brussels.

Speaking on his topic “Kashmir: Partition and Migration”, Ali Raza Syed said, “Migration is not a new issue. It exists since centuries and there are political, economic and social reasons behind the problem.”

Talking about migration from occupied Kashmir, he said, as a large number of people migrated from India to Pakistan after partition in 1947, hundreds of thousands also migrated from occupied Kashmir to AJK and Pakistan. This migration from occupied Kashmir is continuing for the past seven decades and it increased after 1989 when the Kashmiris intensified their liberation struggle, which was responded by India with brute force.

Ali Raza Syed said more than two million people have migrated from occupied Kashmir to Azad Kashmir and Pakistan since partition and currently more than 40,000 refugees are being looked after by the AJK government. Miseries of the people of occupied Kashmir have increased as Indian atrocities on the people include forced disappearances, sexual assaults on women, extra-judicial killings and detention without any reason, he added.

The KCEU Chairman said that people who migrated from occupied Kashmir could not return back to their areas. There are many examples of the people, who left their home but have not returned due to continued brutalities committed by the Indian forces in their areas, he added.

He said, the migration can stop and people migrated can return back, if atrocities were stopped and the Kashmiri people are given their right to self-determination.

Meanwhile, in a statement he said giving right to self-determination to the Kashmiris in accordance with the UN resolutions is only practical solution of the Kashmir dispute. This is a core issue and peace in South Asia is impossible without its settlement, he added.

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