Pulwama was false flag operation & army chief knew it

Srinagar, May 14 (KMS): Famous Indian author, writer and activist, Arundhati Roy, has said that Kashmir is like a pressure cooker in which anything can happen at any time.

Roy, the world-renowned, award-winning author of The God of Small Things and The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, in a media interview said,” Kashmir is a situation in which anything can happen at any time. It’s like a pressure cooker. More and more young people are joining the militancy. And because of the political situation in India with the rise of Hindu nationalism, it’s constantly being used as a way of getting the Hindu vote together–quote unquote–the Hindu vote together. So it’s a cauldron in which anything can happen, and a very, very vicious media environment in India, where you have these 24-hour news channels just screaming nationalism, who have no sense of what is factual, what is not, and so on. So it needs to be flipped around. Kashmir needs to become a buffer zone between two nuclear powers, not a flashpoint.”

In response to a question about Pulwama attack, she said, “The situation in Kashmir is that there are real terror groups, there are fake terror groups, there are penetrator terror groups. There was a massive intelligence failure, which even the governor of Kashmir spoke about. And then suddenly everyone went quiet. Modi started campaigning using the pictures of the dead security forces, which was so terrible. And there’s absolutely no talk about the intelligence failure. How could it happen? How could so much RDX be smuggled in when people – just people – are stopped and checked while they’re going to buy milk? How did this happen? The convoy- the route of the convoy – is always protected.”

Arundhati Roy while revealing that Pulwama attack was a false flag operation and Indian army chief knew about the incident in advance said, “There were many, many serious intelligence inputs saying that an attack is expected, and it happened. There’s a clip of the army chief being asked by the media before the attack, saying, ‘There’s an attack that has been flagged. What do you have to say about it?’ And he says – ‘Let them do it. We’ll see’. And suddenly everyone has disappeared. Any kind of inquiry about what actually happened has been muted. And this has been used as an election campaign.”

“Also many of us, including me, in writing, in an article published in HuffPost said, months before, that this is something that is going to happen before the elections. So it’s a bit terrifying, the symmetry and the narrative convenience of it all. So yeah, that is – Pulwama is a really big question mark, which we need to understand what actually happened. Because Kashmir, historically, there have been many, many false flag attacks. The killers of the Chittisinghpura massacre were then killed by the army and later they were recognized to be just local people who had been rounded up, put into militant outfits, and then burnt. Then their fresh clothes had been put on the burnt bodies, and then later it was discovered from DNA tests that they were just local people rounded up and killed. So it’s a very, very deep game. That’s why I say that only fiction can tell the truth about Kashmir.”

Arundhati Roy’s new collection of her nonfiction writing titled ‘My Seditious Heart’ will be out next month.

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