Stopping AI from raising voice against Indian atrocities flayed

London, June 13 (KMS): The President of London-based Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR), Dr Syed Nazir Gilani, has said that stopping Amnesty International from voicing opposition to atrocities committed by Indian forces and putting in place a ‘strong state doctrine’ by Modi Government to use brute force and kill as many Kashmiris as possible, has no merit.

Dr Nazir Gilani in a statement issued in London said that such measures would not succeed to suppress the voices of dissent and elements of resistance in occupied Kashmir.

He condemned the decision of the occupation authorities to deny permission to the Amnesty International to launch its report on draconian laws imposed in occupied Kashmir for the past many decades to suppress and control the people of the territory.

He said it is a matter of serious concern that Indian forces stroll on the streets of Kashmir and invade the civilian areas, as colonial forces. The free hand given to these forces in committing atrocities on Muslims of Kashmir, has no future but would attract a continued engagement with Kashmiri youth, he added.

The JKCHR President said Indian forces have violated all the seven restraints placed on them and have left no choice for the youth but to engage them as was witnessed in Islamabad town on Wednesday because Kashmiris have a right to use every means to undo the Indian occupation.

He urged the saner elements in Indian politics to take cognizance of the fact that Indian forces have profiled the Kashmiri youth and allocated rewards for their killing. He said profiling and the planned killing of Kashmiri youth is a war crime.

Dr Nazir Gilani also asked personnel of the Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and police to refuse to engage in these killings on the grounds of ‘conscience’ allowed in international law.

Meanwhile, Kashmiri human rights activist, Muhammad Ahsan Untoo in a statement issued in Srinagar also expressed wonder over non permission to Amnesty International to hold an event in Srinagar, He said, “This is a very strange case as reputed HR group has been denied the permission and this raises a big question mark on the state of affairs in occupied Kashmir.

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