London, June 28 (KMS): The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) UK Chapter has expressed concern over the rapidly falling health of illegally detained party Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik, in New Delhi’s Tihar jail.

JKLF in a meeting held in London with its Diplomatic Bureau Chairman, Professor Zafar Khan in chair, took full stock of the situation arising out of the initial arrest of Yasin Malik under the draconian law, Public Safety Act (PSA), in February and the ban imposed on the party in March in occupied Kashmir.

The meeting strongly condemned the inhuman and ill-treatment meted out to the incarcerated leader by calling it Modi government’s policy of intimidation and a deliberate attempt to subject him to physical and mental torture in solitary confinement.

The participants of the meeting said that the severe infection in one of the eyes of Yasin Malik that required urgent treatment, was a glaring example of Indian government’s policy of callousness towards JKLF chief to force him into submission.

The meeting said India’s policy of total impunity in Kashmir prevents any scrutiny of oppression by independent observers, the international media and human rights organisations including the United Nations. It said the recent refusal by the Modi government to the Amnesty International’s representatives to hold a meeting in Srinagar to address India’s excesses arising out of arrests and denial of civil and political liberties, is a clear example that India and its occupation apparatus in Kashmir operate with impunity against the political leaders and activists, who are committed to a just and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute.

The meeting called upon the international community, in general, and the leading powers, including the permanent members of the UN Security Council, in particular, to play their role in the settlement of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the Kashmiris’ aspirations through a free, fair and democratic referendum under the auspices of the United Nations.

The participants said the JKLF wishes to see Kashmir as a bridge of peace rather than a bone of contention in South Asia and seeks a meaningful dialogue between Pakistan and India to settle the lingering dispute.

The meeting called upon the Indian government to immediately release Muhammad Yasin Malik.

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