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Srinagar, July 23 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Gilani, has said arrogance of power, weather individually or collectively, makes one to lose his wits and cross every moral, human, ethical, democratic and constitutional limit.

Syed Ali Gilani in a statement in Srinagar while commenting on the recent remarks of IOK Governor, Satya Pal Malik, said that license to kill corrupt people was a unique and ridiculous option to weed out this menace. “This is unfortunate that a country, claiming to believe in “non-violence” and proudly labeling itself world’s largest democracy, but its official representatives openly encouraging violence only unmasks the real face of proud killers of Gandhi,” he said.

The APHC Chairman said, although it is a fact that our political vultures/brokers have time and again mortgaged their conscience and honor for their petty personal perks and privileges, but if one goes down the lane in history, it is the oppressor itself who encouraged the loot of national assets, in the form of vandalization, political arrogance, executive highhandedness and electoral malpractices. “It is the oppressor who sowed the seeds of corruption long before when it was in search of stooges to help it to forcibly occupy the territory, otherwise how a simple school teacher could become multi millionaire just after appearing on the political spectrum or an illiterate person occupies the highest position as reward to his role as a collaborator,” he said.

Syed Ali Gilani said that it is a genetic quality of an oppressor that they always try to buy the mindset which has even a slightest public image and recognition. He said that an Indian pinch man always puts himself in the whirlpool of controversies and mostly his own puppets are the main targets, which should serve an eye-opener for these “on sale souls”, who sold every bit of their self-esteem, even denounced their faith, to safeguard the interests of their masters, but after 71 long years of unparalleled appeasement, their masters still doubt their credentials. Alas! Had they been loyal to their own people, they at least could walk down the streets with pride and dignity, he said.

The APHC Chairman said it is expected when the ruthless killers of people and those who brutalized the youth in the name of task force, are advisors of the official openly propagating civilian killings and the time-tested human tools of the oppressor get extension of their “loyal services” even after retirement.

He said that only and best way to check and root out corruption is to respect the sentiments of the people and ensure their basic and fundamental rights, otherwise force and might help in thriving these social evils without any accountability.

Syed Ali Gilani strongly condemned the venomous and immoral statement of Vikramaditya Singh, a leader of Indian National Congress and grandson of autocratic Dogra Maharaja Hari Singh, about martyrs of 13 July 1931 and said that killer of lacs of Muslims of Kashmir could not have a better heir than his own grandson. “Blaming noble souls, who sacrificed their lives to uphold their faith, is nothing but outburst of that genetic hatred, his ancestors were proudly symbolic of. We believe that Indian rulers, political giants and parties have a similar mindset about Muslims, particularly Kashmiris, whether they are hidden behind the deceitful veil of secularism or open with the blunt threat of Hindutwa. Local party men should coolly and honestly introspect their affiliations,” he maintained. KMS—10M

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