Srinagar, July 24 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Parwani-Wilayat and its Chief Patron Maulana Sibti Mohammad Shabbir Qummi praised Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s move to highlight the Kashmir dispute in the United States.

Maulana Qummi said Imran Khan is a staunch leader of the oppressed Kashmiris, who took every possible step to address this long-standing issue at the diplomatic level and continued diplomatic assistance to Kashmiris, regardless of Indian threats. He said it is commendable for the Prime Minister to invite Donald Trump to mediate on the Kashmir issue during his visit to the United States.

The United States should demonstrate its seriousness and resolve the issue by taking the two countries into confidence and find a permanent solution. Maulana Qummi said that the Kashmir issue was the main cause of the unrest in the region and caused the loss of lakhs of human lives. So the solution to this serious problem is necessary, he stressed.

He also appealed to the leaders of India and Pakistan to abandon the rigidness and come together at the negotiating table and resolve the long-standing Kashmir dispute to ensure the safety of millions of human lives.

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