Islamabad, July 25 (KMS): Former Convener of All Parties Hurriyat Conference Azad Jammu and Kashmir chapter and Senior Vice President of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party, Mehmood Ahmed Saghar, has said that party Chairman, Shabbir Ahmad Shah is being subjected to political vengeance because of his historic role in the freedom struggle.

Mehmood Ahmed Saghar in a statement issued in Islamabad paid tributes to the party chairman who is under illegal detention in New Delhi’s Tihar jail for last two years.

He deplored that the Indian authorities launched a systematic smear campaign against Shabbir Ahmad Shah who, he said, had spent more than half of his life in Indian jails and interrogation centers just for advocating the Kashmiris’ inalienable right to self-determination guaranteed to them by the international community.

Terming Shabbir Shah as the icon of ongoing resistance movement, the DFP leader said New Delhi must realize the reality that it cannot deter Kashmiri leaders like Shabbir Ahmed Shah from pursuing their cause by resorting to vicious campaign and keeping them behind the bars by filing trumped-up charges against them. “The Kashmiri civil society is politically conscious and will never get swayed by this state-sponsored propaganda”, Saghar added.

Urging New Delhi to shun its age-old trickery of twisting history and spreading lies, he said that it was high time that Indian rulers must accept the historic reality that Kashmir was a dispute, which could be just ignored or brushed away by paddling baseless and concocted narratives. “It is time that Indian leadership must confront this bitter reality and come forward with a positive state of mind to address this issue in its historical perspective”, Saghar said.

He also urged the peace-loving people across the globe to play their much needed role to ensure early and safe release of Shabbir Ahmed Shah and thousands of other Kashmiri prisoners languishing in different jails.

Hailing Pakistan’s readiness to President Trump’s offer, Saghar said, “Since the bilateral negotiations between India and Pakistan have failed to yield any results, Kashmiris believe that a deeper engagement on the part of the US government is imperative to make a breakthrough on Kashmir dispute. “The statement by the US President also rejects the Indian contention on the issue and amply demonstrates the fact that Kashmir is a dispute that needs to be resolved peacefully in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiri people”, Saghar said.

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