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London, August 09 (KMS): The Diplomatic Bureau of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), London, has strongly condemned the Indian government’s illegal decision to dismember the Jammu and Kashmir.

Prof Zafar Khan, Head of JKLF Diplomatic Bureau, in a statement issued in London termed the Modi government’s decision illegal as well as a monumental folly. He said abrogation of Article 370 means that Jammu and Kashmir’s conditional constitutional relationship with India has ended both in terms of India’s domestic and international law, which rendered India’s presence in Jammu and Kashmir as that of an occupying foreign power.

He said that people of Kashmir had not only been betrayed by the rightwing chauvinist RSS supported by BJP government of India but it had also snubbed the international community with utter disregard regarding India’s international commitments and obligations to the people of Kashmir and on their right to self-determination.

He said through illegal annexation, the Modi government deliberately sought to break up territorial unity of Jammu and Kashmir and destroy its unique character and identity through absorption as union territory to rule directly from New Delhi and also to inflame sectarian and communal discard to aid his party’s political objectives in India itself.

Zafar Khan said that August 05, 2019 for ever will be etched in the memory of people in Jammu and Kashmir as a Black Day as Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and his ultra-chauvinist henchmen deviously contrived to replicate a Palestine-like situation, particularly in the valley of Kashmir to engineer a demographic change.

He said that the world was watching Modi’s RSS-inspired this so-called final solution of Kashmir dispute, which in reality meant that millions of men, women and children were now imprisoned in their own homes completely cut off from each other and from the rest of the world with guns of Indian troops pointed at their heads throughout the greater valley of Kashmir. He condemned the total siege and lockdown of Kashmir and demanded that the iron curtain, which had descended on Jammu and Kashmir, turning the entire region from Kargil to Rajauri into a gigantic prison, must be lifted.

Zafar Khan strongly condemned the illegal detention of JKLF Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik and many other Kashmiri leaders, languishing in Delhi’s Tihar jail. He said, Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah and many others are patriotic Kashmiris who want a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute. He said that the just and historic struggle for a dignified and peaceful settlement of the lingering Kashmir dispute would continue.

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