Islamabad, August 26 (KMS): Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League, Zahid Ashraf Rathore has expressed concern over the continued deteriorating human rights situation in occupied Kashmir where the clampdown by the occupation forces has entered 22nd day without a letup resulting in extreme shortages of food and medicines.

Zahid Ashraf Rathore in a statement issued in Islamabad said that how long the Indian colonial regime would cage the Kashmiri people as the very moment curfew was lifted, masses would flood all highways, chanting freedom slogans.

He said that India would have to ultimately recognise the reality that Kashmiris would never accept anything short of plebiscite and, therefore, it would be prudent for the Modi regime to shun such idiotic dreams and sit with Pakistan and the Kashmiri leadership to secure a settlement on the basis of plebiscite so that more bloodshed was averted and a new credible era of peace and prosperity in the region was ushered in.

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