Srinagar, August 30 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Hurriyat activists have warned the Indian rulers, who are claiming Jammu and Kashmir as an internal matter of India, that the unresolved Kashmir dispute posed a serious threat of atomic war in South Asia.

The Hurriyat activists in posters and handbills issued in occupied Kashmir said that in such a war, millions of people would die. They said that the world powers must realize the fact that Pakistan would not hesitate to use any option, even atomic bomb, on the issue of Kashmir. “With diplomatic channels down, trade relations snapped, train service suspended and if the tension prolongs, it is difficult to say what’s in store in the days to come. However, if the world powers do not play their role, then any kind of war was possible in the region and such a situation will not be in anybody’s interest,” they added.

The Hurriyat activists asked the people to come to the streets and stage protests to defeat India’s designs of finishing the Kashmiris’ identity and changing the demographic composition of the territory.

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