New Delhi, August 30 (KMS): The General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist), Sitaram Yechury, who returned to New Delhi from Srinagar, today, contested the Indian government’s claims about the Kashmir situation and said that he was not allowed to speak to anyone.

Sitaram Yechury visited Srinagar on Thursday to meet ailing party colleague, Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami, after the Indian Supreme Court rejected Indian government’s contention that his visit may create situation in the territory.

Sitaram Yechury in a media interview in New Delhi said, “We were not allowed to meet anyone else so there was no way to assess the situation. But from what I could see on the roads, the situation is not what the government claims. We met Tarigami twice, on Thursday and Friday morning. Friday’s visit was with the doctors.”

Speaking about the restrictions in the Kashmir valley, he said that he was not permitted to gather any information. He said, “From Yousuf Tarigami’s place of stay, we were escorted heavily to one of the guest houses where we stayed the night. But what appeared is completely contrary to the claims that are being made. Whatever I have seen and whatever has been our experience, I will submit that in the Supreme Court.”

Yechury said, “Tarigami is with his family. He is confined in his house. Neither can he leave his house, nor can anyone visit him.”

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  1. 1. Shoaib Nisar Awan Says:

    The oppressive government of India had shown that it’s so called claims for the biggest democracy was a drama. The brutalities committed by the Indian Army on day to day basis is a true depiction of what is happening in the valley. It’s the right time that International community should intervene and abort Hindustan for such heinous acts. These actions on part of Hindustan in Indian Occupied Kashmir are indicative to what is called war crimes. Tens of thousands of Kashmiris had been martyred. But still the struggle is on its way. I request International players to open their eyes and do something to lift the curfew so that comfort and ease may pave off to Kashmir

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