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London, September 04 (KMS): A British man says he is falling apart after not hearing from his wife for over three weeks, after occupied Kashmir was placed under curfew by the Indian government.

Wanting only to be identified by his first name, Adeel, 33, said in a media interview that he didn’t know if his ‘wife is even alive’ after a communications blackout was imposed on Kashmir’s tens of thousands of residents on August 5 by the Indian government.

Speaking to a UK based media outlet, he said, ‘I feel like no one cares. I will have to fly out to find out more about how she is or where she is, my mum and dad don’t want me to go, because it’s quite dangerous out there, but I feel like I have to go. I have no other option.’

Adeel was married to his wife who is from Srinagar, Kashmir, 18 months ago and has asked for her name not to be published over concerns for her safety. He said the last he heard from his wife, she had to be driven for three hours by her brother, just so that they were able to receive a phone signal to contact him.

He appealed to the UK Foreign Office to help him and said ‘all I want to do is start a family”.

“I’m close to tears even speaking about it,” Adeel said, adding that he has been following the news about mass arrests and reports of the Indian army torturing civilians, as well as social media reports of mass graves which has made him worry even more.

Kashmir has been placed under curfew for over a month, with internet and phone services shut.

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