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Srinagar, September 07 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Hurriyat activists have warned Tri Netra Foundation, an Indian non-governmental organization (NGO), to desist from misleading the world community about the prevailing situation of the territory.

Tri Netra Foundation in collaboration with the Indian Home Ministry is using Kashmiri Muslim girls to pacify the Kashmiris’ tempers against repeal of special status of occupied Kashmir by India and give an impression that the situation is normal in the territory.

Hurriyat activists through posters and handbills issued in occupied Kashmir urged the Kashmiris to beware of the actions of India and its paid NGOs and frustrate their nefarious designs. They warned people not to assist or facilitate Indian communal forces’ programmes about occupied Kashmir. They asked the Tri Netra Foundation members to stop their activities or be ready to face the consequences.

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