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Indian government muzzling media in occupied Kashmir

London, September 07 (KMS): Kashmiris have launched ‘curfew clock’ campaign in London and New York to highlight the dreadful curfew imposed by Narendra Modi’s government in occupied Kashmir on August 05 when it revoked special status of the territory.

Vans appeared at key London locations and in front of the UN building in New York, last night, carrying illuminated art work highlighting the real situation in occupied Kashmir to inform the world about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the territory as a result of actions of Modi’s government. The vans are carrying curfew clocks which show the number of days, hours and minutes since the BJP government slapped dreadful curfew conditions across occupied Kashmir.

Noted Indian activist, Kavita Krishnan, addressing a news conference in Kolkata said that the military dictatorship of India in Kashmir was a massive violation of human rights. She said Kashmir is already one of the most heavily militarised regions in the world but now, by placing the territory under a military dictatorship, the Modi government has told the world that India is a banana republic. Kavita Krishnan was part of a civil society team that managed to enter Kashmir valley last month after clampdown was imposed by Modi government.

A report prepared by two India-based rights networks said that the Indian government was muzzling media in occupied Kashmir as part of the lockdown it imposed on the territory over a month ago. Published by the Network of Women in Media, India, and the Free Speech Collective, the report titled “News Behind The Barbed Wire”, said that reporters were being subjected to surveillance, informal investigations and harassment for publishing reports considered adverse to the Indian government or forces.

The government of Switzerland in a press release has said that that Kashmir situation and other regional matters will be discussed during the meetings the Indian President, Ram Nath Kovind will have with the top Swiss leadership on 13th September.

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