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Maryum Maqsood

Pakistan recently adopted a strategy of resettlement in foreign policy that is the need of the hour in new world order. With the new elected government of PTI with election campaign of “Naya Pakistan” new policy was to gain “diplomatic support” while disapproving the “propaganda” against state created by hostile countries. The pivot of entire new policy of new government was to strengthen the economic aspect, to create investment opportunities, facilitate the peace process, to negotiate the longstanding issues and promote the soft image of the country across the world. The consequent emerging powerful Pakistan was a threat to countries historically antagonistic. Sensing this fear, the antagonistic group ganged up and started working together to weaken Pakistan. A corroborative plan was thus engineered to cow down the resilient Pakistani nation using Kashmir issue.
It is a sad but bitter reality, “Kashmir dispute” is lingering over 7 decades, this is also not new that India is committing gross human rights violations through pellet guns et al means while using Kashmiris as human shields to achieve its heinous objectives. Kashmir is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan via controversial instrument of accession and UN resolutions. Whereas Kashmiris have been striving for the freedom before 1947 partition. But India declined the UN resolutions for holding plebiscite by annexing Kashmir with India while ignoring the bilateral agreements, violating the international law and disregarding the UN resolutions.
What is new than past? Now India got a free legal certificate and license to carry out a systematic genocide in Kashmir by scrapping Article 370 and Article 35A (that gave special status to Kashmiris). Pakistan always adopted a policy of “Peace” and paid heavy price in men and material and in the process ended up with fragile economy. Supporting peace be it in Afghanistan, Islamic bloc inter alia, Pakistan gives the highest blood count as part of international effort. In return as we see today Kashmiris being the victims of atrocities at the hands of RSS and Hindu Fanatics.The entire stage is orchestrated, where Arun Jaitley was the brainchild of BJP agenda and Sushma Swaraj his crime partner in designing the scheme while others only followed their footprints. They together with US, Israel et al hostile countries decorated a stage of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) to hit Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and trap rest of the Muslim countries by creating a divide and throwing money to engage and pursue their material benefits. The only demands from their brethren is “what you will answer to Allah on the day of Judgement” for such a criminal silence over the lynching and killing of your fellow brethren’s in Kashmir et al. You need to understand “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
What we gained by following the strategy of peace for the just cause of Kashmir and sincere intents? Only betrayal. Whereas Indian Prime Minister lecturing the lessons of peace landed RSS goons in occupied Kashmir while imposing curfew, detaining all leaders and restricting all communication networks. We are asking what type of peace BJP hardliner government is creating in Kashmir? What type of peace India is espousing by cutting off tongues of Muslims in occupied Kashmir? What type of peace is this when RSS freely announcing their government given them legal certificate to marry Muslim girls forcibly while also validated to rap Kashmiri women? What type of peace Narendra Modi is creating in Kashmir valley by permitting his Hindu fanatics and army to ruthlessly kill Kashmiris? What type of prosperity he is bringing in country while detaining people without providing food, water, medical facilitation, paralyzed the education system while also restricting the natives of their right to offer prayers in mosques? We should not ignore this no matter whatever medium we will opt, international community will only listen the powerful, so why we are afraid to express that India is gaining support for terrorism. No one dare to brand India is promoting terrorism and extremism while some countries knowingly overlooked this fact that BJP government won elections with election campaign “shinning India” and promised its Hindu fanatics for the revocation of Articles 370 and 35A to suppress Kashmiri freedom struggle, snatching and hitting Kashmiris identity of Kashmiriyat promised by the founders of India in the Indian constitution dated back in 1947. This is unfortunate though, 30 days passed India did not lift the longest curfew while openly revealing and suggesting Pakistan to provide refugee to Kashmiris, they are aiming to shift their Hindu fanatics in Kashmir. This all indicates the true agenda of BJP government to turn valley into bloodbath.
Kashmir today stands at the crossroads; Muslims truly believe in the philosophy of martyrdom where only sense that prevails is “Do or Die.” So no miscalculation if any is expected at this time; Pakistan needs to consider the option of its geo-strategic location as a tool in this tense situation by extending airspace at al routes ban to India. Pakistan nevertheless must not be misperceived as a weak state lacking action, as such perception would be catastrophic. If Pakistan’s quest for peace is misconstrued and military adventurism in pursuit of India’s dream of Akhund Bharat continues, the world may see the stage set for the Kashmir as the nuclear flashpoint. Not only will it lead to the Ruined India but the world in its entirety. Kashmiris are still waiting for the promise solicited role of Donald Trump which seems to have been lost in the G7 Summit where Donald Trump is seen visibly cozying up with Narendra Modi – the butcher. On the contrary Pakistan is still being taken for a ride on the empty promise and slogan of the international community. Contrary to the past when war was the last option but today in the ensuing situation and insensitivity of the international community to the catastrophic ongoing genocide of Kashmiris peace is now fast emerging as the “Only Option”.

Maryum Maqsood is an MPhil Scholar at NDU Islamabad. Her area of interest is International Relations, Kashmir Case, Religious Studies and Climate Change. She can be reached at maryum_maqsood@hotmail.com and she tweets @MaryumMaqsood.

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