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Vows to keep raising Kashmiris’ cause at all int’l forums

Muzaffarabad, September 13 (KMS): The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has said Kashmir dispute has been internationalized as a result of illegal acts taken by the Indian Government, stressing despite all tyranny New Delhi will not succeed in its nefarious designs as Kashmiris have shed the fear of death.

Pakistani PM Imran Khan said this while addressing a mammoth gathering in Muzaffarabad, today, which was organized to show solidarity with the residents of occupied Kashmir, who have been under a lockdown for more than 40 days after India moved to illegally annex the territory. He said the people of occupied territory, including women, children, and elderly, have been living under constant curfew for last over one month.

Imran Khan said, “Today Kashmir has been internationalized. United Nations Security Council held a meeting on Kashmir issue for the first time in 50 years.” He further said for the first time, the European Union also called for resolution of Kashmir issue in light of the UN Security Council’s resolutions. He said those resolutions called for giving a chance to Kashmiris through a plebiscite to decide their fate. He said OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) also said that India should lift curfew in Kashmir. He said 58 members of the UN Human Rights Council acknowledged the oppression going on against Kashmiris. He said American Senators wrote a letter to US President Donald Trump asking him to intervene in the Kashmir situation.

The Prime Minister said there will be strong reaction to the atrocities being committed by the Indian forces in the occupied Kashmir, warning India to refrain from any eventuality as Pakistan will give a befitting response to any misadventure.

He also urged the international community to play its due role in stopping Indian Hitler from using force against Kashmiris, lift curfew from the occupied Kashmir, and let the people of Kashmir to decide their fate through a referendum.

He maintained only a coward person like Narendra Modi can take steps to besiege the population, adding today 900,000 Indian soldiers are committing atrocities against the people of occupied Kashmir. He said Modi and RSS are taking steps reminiscient of Nazi Germany, adding, RSS is a Hindu extremist group and those associated with it hate Muslims, Christians and all minorities. He said Narendra Modi has been a member of RSS since childhood. This party was founded on the principle of India for Hindus only. “Since RSS was formed, they have wanted an ethnic cleansing of Muslims, i.e., to rid India of Muslims and this is all in accordance with their plan”, he underlined.

The Pakistani PM reiterated he will keep raising the voice of Kashmir at all the international forums, including UN General Assembly as an ambassador of Kashmiris. “The reason for me becoming an ambassador of Kashmiri people is that I am a Pakistani, a Muslim and a human,” he said, adding, “Kashmir issue today is a humanitarian problem.” “We want this issue to be solved in accordance with UN resolutions. Through a referendum, Kashmiris should have the right to choose whatever they want. We will support the Kashmiris’ choice,” Imran Khan stressed.

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