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Istanbul, September 16 (KMS) Former President of Jamaat-e-Islami Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Member Legislative Assembly, Abdul Rashid Turabi has urged Muslim leaders to raise Kashmir and Palestine issues before the United Nations with full force and unity.

Abdul Rashid Turabi addressing Wahdat Ummah conference at Ankara in Turkey said, India and Israel are violating the United Nations resolutions, adding enmity with Muslim world is the joint agenda of both the countries. He said that non-resolution of both the issues is failure of the UN and Muslim Ummah.

He pointed out, on one side hundreds of thousands Palestinians have been displaced from their homeland and their territory has been occupied and on the other, the RSS thugs are committing the genocide of Kashmiris.

He said, the disputes of Kashmir and Palestine could be resolved in days in case the Muslim rulers become the spokespersons of the Ummah instead of becoming agents of enemies.

Abdul Rashid Turabi said the Muslim rulers should follow the example of Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan and talk to the UN in clear terms to play its role in resolving these festering issues. He added, Palestine issue is part of our faith and belief but presently the resolution of Kashmir dispute is vital for peace and security of the South Asian region. He said, Modi is second Hitler and his polices are dangerous for the world peace.

A resolution unanimously approved in the conference of scholars of more than 30 countries said that India should immediately lift curfew and other restrictions from occupied Kashmir, withdraw the recent moves and grant Kashmiris their birthright to self-determination. It also appealed to the UN and OIC to play their due role and help stop Indian atrocities in the occupied territory.

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