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Islamabad, September 16 (KMS): Secretary General of Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League, Shakeelur Rehman, has expressed his deep gratitude to the Pakistani civil and military leadership for their unequivocal reiteration of the state’s principled stand on Kashmir.

Shakeelur Rehman in a statement termed the recent bold statement of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan during his address at a public gathering in Muzaffarabad as very reassuring. He said such clear-headed policy statement would grab the world attention as that came from no less than the chief executive of a nuclear state.

He said that the Prime Minister was hundred percent right in saying that Kashmir constituted the core issue between the two nuclear states and if left unaddressed could erupt into a military conflict which may culminate in a nuclear exchange incinerating the entire region n beyond.

Shakeelur Rehman also thanked the Army Chief, General Qamar Bajwa, for his courageous statement that Pakistan Army would go to any extent for the freedom of the Kashmiri brethren. Terming the statement as heartwarming, he said that the Kashmiri masses firmly believed that with Pakistan doggedly backing them, they will, ultimately triumph over the communal madness and arrogance of the forces of Hindutva and achieve their freedom. He appealed to the international community and the UN to shun their indifference to the unmitigated plight of the innocent and helpless freedom-loving Kashmiri people who had been put under siege and were caged in their houses for the past six weeks.

He bemoaned the criminal silence of the world body and the democratic world on the deteriorating human rights situation in Kashmir wondering what scale of oppression and human rights abuse would jolt them out of the sickening slumber.

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