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Geneva, September 17 (KMS): The APHC-AJK leader, Shameem Shawl has said that unresolved Kashmir dispute has been causing unprecedented sufferings to the Kashmiris not only due to wars but due to massive human rights violations by Indian occupational forces with impunity under the cover of black laws.

Speaking in Geneva she said the inhuman and disgraceful situation in the UN-mandated disputed territory makes everyone believe that present regime in India is fascist and racist; further more it shows that it does not have any faith in fundamental human rights and dignity of humans. This regime is targeting women and kids more to create fear to make Kashmir’s submit before the Indian extra judicial might; the continuous imposition of curfew since 5th August 2019, 40th day in total so far has deprived the entire population from basic needs of food, medicine and excess to the life saving facilities which is proving to be more catastrophic.

Rest of her statement goes as under:

Furthermore, the colonial behaviours in past have been decent compared to the present prevailing situation in IOK. Indian recent majors have reversed history and taken us to the era of worst colonization or era of dictators like Hitler and Mussolini. Modi is a member of RSS and it is mere an article of recorded faith of him and his BJP team to eliminate minorities and other sects who do not believe in what they believe. They consider all others untouchables and enjoy their killing and disgrace all humanitarian laws. India does not care about its international commitments and its unilateralism, authoritarianism and racist policies are leading the region towards any possible nuclear catastrophe. UN Security Council silence makes no sense and it has obligations towards peace prosperity and fundamental freedoms without distinctions which looks to be non-existent in our region.

Madam Voice President! it is 41 day of curfew the unilateral decision of the government of India to abrogate the article 370 and 35A violates the UN resolutions 122 adopted on 24th January 1957and. 123 on 21st Feburary 1957 And 126 adopted on 2nd December 1957. These resolutions prohibit any unilateral action to change the disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir.

We support an international legally binding instrument on the right to development. The right to development includes the right of people’s to self determination, and, all aspects must be included who suffer the residual effects of colonialism foreign occupation and threats against territory and resources.

We call upon the Human Rights council to include all the criteria and sub criteria in the development of an international instrument and to have the special reppotteur to start reporting on the importance of territorial integrity of peoples Whether their right to self determination derives from United Nations Security Council resolutions, Article 73 or 76 or recognition due to gross violations of rights of people. The right to development must not exclude the promotion and protection of the territory and resources of Kashmir. The denial of the development is also denied when illegal forces occupy all government non-government private properties and turned them into interrogation and detention centres.

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