New York, September 26 (KMS): Kashmiri representative, Ishtiaq Hameed has said that the tyrannical and arrogant approach of the Indian government has turned occupied Kashmir into the biggest prison.

Ishtiaq Hameed addressing the meeting of OIC Contact Group on Kashmir on the 74th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, said India is committing massive human rights violations in the Kashmir Valley and hiding its crimes by not giving any access to independent media or observers.

He said, “Our sisters are living under constant fear of being raped by the occupying forces, while our mothers are worried about their sons that have been picked up in the dead of night. The hospitals have run out of medicines while the curfew has created an acute shortage of food supply. There is mass use of pellet guns and other instruments of torture to force us into submission, however, no matter what they do, we will not submit to this imposed slavery.”

Ishtiaq Hameed said in spite of almost 18 United Nations resolutions and countless statements by the OIC to resolve the dispute as per to the wishes of the Kashmiri people, India on 5th August repealed the special status of Kashmir and robbed the people of Kashmir of even the basic constitutional protection guaranteed under its law. This step clearly reflects the fascist mindset of the current Indian government that systematically wants to change the demographics of the territory, he added.

He said, “No matter what the Indians do, we will not accept any unilateral settlement forced upon us. India clearly knows that, and it is for that reason it has placed a curfew and a complete media blockade in the Valley for the past two months.

Kashmiri representative said, the gravity of the situation demands immediate action to prevent a full-blown conflict in the region. He urged OIC Contact Group on Kashmir to force India towards lifting of the curfew, provision of food and medical supplies and release of political prisoners.

He said Kashmir is a recognized international dispute. The Security Council’s Consultations of 16th August 2019 reaffirmed the disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir. No matter how India projects it, the convening of these Consultations directly repudiated the Indian position that their actions were an internal affair, he maintained.

He said, it is the time to fulfill the commitments made to Kashmiris by the world and the Indian aggression be stopped.

He also presented a resolution to the Secretary General of the OIC in which he rejected India’s illegal and unilateral actions of August 5th in occupied Kashmir.

In the resolution he also condemned the continued curfew and communication blackout in IOK. The resolution also denounced Indian government’s renewed use of pellet guns and arbitrary arrests of thousands of people.

It reaffirmed that Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council and recalled that the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people is recognized by the relevant UNSC resolutions

It stated that the only solution to the Kashmir dispute was implementation of the UNSC resolutions recognizing the Kashmiris right to self-determination

The resolution also reaffirmed the principles and objectives of the Charter of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, which highlight the common goals and destiny of the people of Islamic Ummah.

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