London, October 04 (KMS): The judges of India are ignoring the abuses by the Indian government in occupied Kashmir, says a media report.

London-based ‘The Economist’ in its report said, the seven million people of the Kashmir valley certainly feel some urgency. Since August 5th the overwhelmingly Muslim Majority Jammu and Kashmir has been under virtual siege, it added.

The magazine said that wielding draconian laws, the authorities had arrested hundreds, not for any crime but to prevent protest demonstration in the territory. They have also restricted people’s movement and imposed a total block on mobile phones and the internet, it added.

It is two months now since Indian government has repealed the special status of Kashmir and imposed lockdown and communication blockade in the territory, the report said.

It is also two months since the authorities detained thousands of Kashmiris – politicians, businessmen, activists, journalists – to prevent them from holding anti-India protest demonstrations and they continue to be held without charge, many in unknown places, it added.

In theory the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is integrating Kashmir into India but in practice it has turned the valley into a vast open-air detention centre, it maintained.

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