India’s judges ignoring abuses in occupied Kashmir

Srinagar, October 04 (KMS): Noted Indian writer, Arundhaty Roy, has said that Kashmir is the most militarized place on earth where people have been fighting for right to self-determination for the last over 70 years.

Arundhaty Roy in an interview with news organization The Intercept said India’s moral position on Kashmir has never ever been a moral position and it is a kind of moral corrosion that has corroded all of us and now the world is looking at it.

London-based weekly magazine The Economist has reported that India’s judges are ignoring the govt’s abuses in occupied Kashmir. It said 7 million people of the Kashmir valley certainly feel some urgency as they have been under virtual siege since 5th of August. It maintained that the govt wielding draconian anti-terror laws has detained some 2,000 prominent Kashmiris including politicians, businessmen, activists and journalists to prevent them from protesting and that they continue to be held without charge, many at unknown places. It added that the BJP has virtually turned the valley into a vast open-air detention centre.

On the other hand, Amnesty International India has said that reports of hate crimes in India have witnessed the steepest rise in numbers since 2016. Amnesty International India’s interactive website ‘Halt the Hate’ in its latest data on hate crimes for 2019 released today said that in the first six months of the year alone, 181 incidents of hate crimes had been recorded by the website, nearly double than previous three years’ half-yearly counts. It pointed out that in the aftermath of the Pulwama incident in February, 14 incidents of mob attacks on Kashmiri Muslims were reported, mostly targeting small-time traders from Kashmir across India.

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