Srinagar, October 04 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the sufferings of the people of Kashmir valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu region continue unabated as restrictions and communications blockade complete two months, today.

The continued gag on communications means in the Kashmir valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu region badly affecting common people especially the lives of those professionals dependent on internet, students and journalists.

Life in the occupied territory remains crippled due to heavy presence of Indian troops dotting the roads and streets. All shops, markets, business establishments and educational institutions are closed while traffic if off the roads. The shortage of essential commodities like milk, baby food and life-saving medicines due to blockade is adding to the miseries of the residents.

Narendra Modi-led communal government in New Delhi had put occupied Kashmir under military siege on August 5 this year when it repealed special status of the territory.

Meanwhile, Indian police in its continued crackdown arrested four more persons including a Hurriyat leader and a religious scholar in Kishtwar and Doda districts. Over 20 persons have been arrested by the police during last 4 days in these districts.

On the other hand, London-based The Economist has reported that India’s judges are ignoring the govt’s abuses in occupied Kashmir. It said 7 million people of the Kashmir valley certainly feel some urgency as since Aug 5 they have been under virtual siege. It maintained that the govt wielding draconian anti-terror laws has detained some 2,000 prominent Kashmiris including politicians, businessmen, activists and journalists to prevent them from protesting and that they continue to be held without charge, many at unknown places.

The Economist further said the residents of the Kashmir valley are under a lockdown of a different sort with the mobile phones and internet services shut and getting around is hard and getting in or out is possible only with the authorities’ permission. It added that the ruling BJP has virtually turned the valley into a vast open-air detention centre.

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