Valley media persons face hardships in news gathering

Srinagar, October 04 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, where the people have been suffering due to the imposition of continued lockdown and communication blockade by the Indian government since August 5, when it repealed the special status of Kashmir, the media persons are also facing hardships in news gathering.

Kashmir valley was once considered a hub for news as countless reports about Indian state terrorism and rights violations were available on daily basis. But now the news gathering for the journalists has become a difficult task due to the continued communication blockade and arrest of political activists and Hurriyat leaders.

A journalist from Srinagar told an Indian Urdu newspaper that the official sources used to openly talk about any important issue but now they hesitate to give details about any matter.

A reporter associated with a wire agency said that he had never faced such difficulties in gathering the news in last two decades. He said, curbs on communications means have made it difficult for journalist to get important news. He added that the detention of political leaders was also a reason for scarcity of news.

The reporter said, the Indian government has provided an internet connection at a media center set up for journalists in Srinagar but it is insufficient and lacks privacy. “There’s no privacy. Some 300 journalists use that facility daily and it is crowded. It is also being monitored and we are under surveillance,” he added.

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