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Srinagar, October 19 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, online business has come to a grinding halt owing to the ongoing internet blackout enforced by the Indian government on August 5 after it repealed special status of the territory.

Today is the 76th day of the internet blockade with no word from the authorities how long this will go on.

“Due to harsh communication blockade, Information Technology (IT) sector is grasping for breath, there is no online shopping, no sale of electronic gadgets especially cell phones. It is no more a cashless economy in Kashmir as you can’t use ATM cards to purchase anything,” said a trader in a media interview.

Even online companies like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal have suffered huge losses as buyers from occupied Kashmir are unable to enter into any online transaction due to communications blockade.

Some IT employees have been sacked while students have mostly suffered as majority of them missed the deadline for filling the employment or educational forms.

“In Kashmir if you are dependent on internet, then you can’t have the liberty to excel in your academic career, take a job with a private IT company or even just watch a series of your choice,” said a student.

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